Hand Coloring

I'd been wanting to get back into drawing lately but have been averse to actually sitting down to do so. I'd also recently gone through my box of art supplies looking for some paint to give to a friend; I came across a few Prismacolor Markers while rummaging. I love these! I want to color! So, I started going through my boxes of darkroom prints and tests. Surprisingly, I didn't have as many prints at home as I thought I did, but I found a few to get me started.

No Photoshop here! These are hand colored using Prismacolor Markers (a very limited pallet), paper towels, a hairdryer, and patience. The pigment doesn't soak into the gelatin the same way it would paper, so it takes a good layer and wipe to even it up a bit. This leaves a very pale version of the color being used, but with a bit of practice I was able to build up some tonal variation. Another issue that I'd run into occurred when layering a new color on a dried area. The alcohol from the marker would basically erase the previous layer, even when thoroughly dried. Good to know though, it helped me 'erase' a few mistakes. I tried the marker on three different paper surfaces: glossy, pearl, and matte. The matte paper took the pigment the best, but the glossy allowed for more correction if needed. I'm not sure when I picked up these markers, but some were drying up and others worked as though new. I keep the dying markers for blending, but this surface worked markedly different than bristol board, and they didn't perform nearly as well as the wet ones. All in all, it was fun to try something different and to get back to using my hands and not a mouse. Below are some quick scans of the images. The bridge image was a lith-print, so it already had an orangy-peach tone to it, and the other two were un-toned straight prints from the darkroom.